Kingfoam Elite FP Insoles



US mens size
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Large (M 8-14.5 /W 10-16) Medium (M 5-10.5/ W 7-12.5) Small (M 3-8 / W 5-10)
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Bird Catcher Colours Collectiv 2D Panda Colours Collectiv AJA Skeleton Black Dark Grey Camo Paul Hart Conspiracy Colours Collectiv Jaws Feet FP elite mid classic Manny Santiago OTAKU FP Elite High Classic FP elite low Classic Jaws Mushroom Jaws OG Kittybabe Girl Kittybabe in Space 3 Lizard King ODB Wutang Clan Brooklyn ODB Wutang Clan Warning Label ODB Wutang Clan Welfare Card Robot Legacy Ryan Decenzo Sakura Will Barras King of Summer Clive Dixon Crocodile FP x MACBA life Jaws Baby Jaws Zombie Neen Williams Paul Hart Riff Raff Burly Boys Super Shmatty
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High (5mm toe 10mm heel) Mid (5mm toe 7mm heel) Thin (3mm toe 5mm heel)
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Product Short Summary:

  • Compatible with all foot types
  • Thicker heel better for action sports with high impact
  •  The thicker the model the more shock energy absorbed
  • Absorbs 91% of impact energy in lab testing compared to 53% in other “performance” insoles (ASTM F 1614 -1999)
  • Our proprietary material in the exact same formulation we produce for NASA which is used on the ISS


For women’s sizing, simply add 2 sizes up. Ex. A men’s 4 is a women’s 6.


Elite insoles are generally flat with a sloped heel which offer extra heel protection.

Recommended for:

  • High Arch
  • Mid Arch

Compatible with:

  • Low arch/Flat foot


  • Designed to trim to fit.


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Bird Catcher, Colours Collectiv 2D Panda, Colours Collectiv AJA, Colours Collective, Colours Diber Kato Cyber Girl, Dakota Servold, Dane Burman Atlas, ED Bassmaster, FP Elite High Classic, FP elite low Classic, Jaws Mushroom, Jaws OG, Jaws Robot, Kittybabe Girl, Kittybabe in Space 3, Leon Karssen, Lizard King, ODB Wutang Clan Brooklyn, ODB Wutang Clan Warning Label, ODB Wutang Clan Welfare Card, Robot Legacy, Ryan Decenzo, Sakura, Skeleton Black, Will Barras King of Summer, Clive Dixon Crocodile, Dark Grey Camo, FP elite mid classic, FP x MACBA life, Jaws Baby, Jaws Feet, Jaws Zombie, Manny Santiago, Neen Williams, OTAKU, Paul Hart, Paul Hart Conspiracy, Riff Raff Burly Boys, Shawn Mac, Super Shmatty

USA Men's | Women's size

Large (M 8-14.5 /W 10-16), Medium (M 5-10.5/ W 7-12.5), Small (M 3-8 / W 5-10)


High (5mm toe 10mm heel), Mid (5mm toe 7mm heel), Thin (3mm toe 5mm heel)


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