Kingfoam Orthotic Elite Insoles



US mens size
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10/10.5 11/11.5 12/12.5 13/13.5 4/4.5 5/5.5 6/6.5 7/7.5 8/8.5 9/9.5 14/14.5
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Colours Collectiv AJA Colours Diber Kato Cyber Girl Dakota Servold Estrojen FP Orthotic Elite Classic Kittybabe in Space 3 ODB Wutang Clan Welfare Card Paul Hart Early Worm
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  • 7mm heel to 5mm toe
  • Embossed skeleton logo bottom with tough skin
  • TPU layer under fabric for extreme durability
  •  Absorbs more than 90% of shock energy in astm f1614 lab tests
  • Same formula we use for NASA
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USA men's size

10/10.5, 11/11.5, 12/12.5, 13/13.5, 4/4.5, 5/5.5, 6/6.5, 7/7.5, 8/8.5, 9/9.5, 14/14.5


Colours Collectiv AJA, Colours Diber Kato Cyber Girl, Dakota Servold, Estrojen, FP Orthotic Elite Classic, Kittybabe in Space 3, ODB Wutang Clan Welfare Card, Paul Hart Early Worm


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